Worcester Wedding Photographer Chris Johnson

I live at the foot of the beautiful Malvern Hills with my wife Steff and two our highly energetic boys; Edward and Samuel. Photography has completely changed my life and over the past 12 years as a working professional photographer, I have travel all over the world on assignment.

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I started off my career as a photojournalist, which led to the role of Senior Photographer within a London-based publishing house. I've been fortunate travel so far and wide creating stories and photographing everything from Youth initiatives in a Favela in Rio De Janeiro through to Gary Lineker in a restaurant in Shoreditch. I believe it is these many experiences which have enhanced and influenced my wedding photography as a story teller with a documentary style. When I'm not taking photos you will either find me knee-deep in DIY, clinging onto my youth with my skateboard or out on some kind of adventure with my family. With my work I cover anywhere and everywhere in the UK and am also available for elopement weddings abroad.

My approach is heartfelt and relaxed. My style is documentary and creative. I believe in allowing moments to happen around me organically rather than forcing them. I feel privileged to tell your story through my photos and I am passionate about capturing split second moments such as a slight glance between bride and groom and the many hugs, tears and laughter throughout the day whilst also remaining unobtrusive. To be able to be a part of such an important day brings me a great sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction that, for me, just can’t be matched.

What I have learnt from my own wedding is that the photos just get more and more valuable with every year that passes. With every shift and change, with every new addition of family life you can instantly be transported back to that very special day.

I’d be honoured to be a part of your wedding day and would love to hear what you’re planning so please get in touch.